Insurance can ensure the protection of your loved ones if the worst were to happen. As independent financial advisers we are not tied to any providers, allowing us to shop for the cheapest and most suitable policies for you.

Critical illness cover :


Pays out a tax-free lump sum if you're diagnosed with a defined critical illness through the duration of your policy, when the policy term ends you will not be covered and all protection stops. 

there are many factors that will contribute to the amount of protection that you will need to take such as dependents, or if you have a remaining mortgage left. 

Life (Whole & Term) :

Life insurance pays out on the death of the life insured to protect their loved ones from financial turbulence if the worst were to happen. The sum assured will depend on affordability, dependents, debts such as a mortgage and how heavily your family relied on your income, this is the case when there is a sole breadwinner within the family.  

Private Medical Insurance:


Most UK residents are entitled to free healthcare from the NHS. This said the NHS is heavily stretched and the level of choice is very limited with quite a wait for a lot of procedures. 

Private Medical Insurance pays all, or some of your medical bills if you were to be treated privately. This will allow to have a choice in the level of care you receive and when its needed. 

There is no obligation to take out Private Medical Insurance but the cost of private treatment is expensive and without relevant insurance it might be hard to keep up with payments.

Income Protection:


Income Protection Insurance pays a percentage of your gross salary as a regular payment until you can return to work. You can claim as many times as you need to while the policy is still in force, but there’s no cash-in value at any time.

This type of insurance covers most illnesses that leave you unable to work. For example, it may cover you if you’re unable to work due to a stress-related illness or a serious heart condition.  Income Protection only covers you if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury – it does not pay out if you are made redundant.