Life Changes

Invest a Lump Sum


There are many ways that you could get a sudden cash injection but the usual culprits are Inheritance, Divorce settlement and pension commencement lump sum. No matter the source of the lump sum our advisers will still invest with the money with the same approach which is always taking into account your goals, needs, affordability and attitude to risk. 

Long term care

With life expectancy increasing long term care is a conversation that you and your family are very likely to have. The cost of residential care is extremely expensive and can deplete a family's resources very quickly. 

​Its very likely that you will have to fund either yours or a family member long-term care as you will only get financial assistance if your capital under £23,250. 

​We can help you to try and come to a solution that best fits you and your family.


The thought of divorce is never a nice one, not only can the situation be an emotional one but to handle the financial side of it can be just as daunting. 

We can help especially with the financial aspects but with also the complex area of pensions.