Leaving your estate

Inheritance tax (IHT) is never a nice conversation, but it could be a very important one to you and your family.

     - Annual Gift allowances (can use last year's if unused)

     - Investments that qualify for Business-property relief

     - The use of Trusts

     - Charitable donations

     - Life Insurance premiums used to Pay for IHT due to your estate being over the nil-rate band

     - New pension freedom rules​

     - Gifting from normal income

Setting up a trust:

Trust can help to to avoid paying inheritance tax ensuring that the your beneficiaries receive the full gift you wish to give to them. This is because assets placed in trusts are taken out of your estate and deposited somewhere else. Meaning that the chosen asset will no longer be in your estate and therefore no longer subject to inheritance tax when you die.

We can also set up trusts so that minors can receive what you intend to gift them when they are ready and mature enough.

You can set up trusts so they can pay out gradual income, this is key if an intended beneficiary is not great with money.